National Association for Resources Inspection (Russia) and Ryder Scott Company (USA) are happy to announce The International Resources and Energy Week, which will take place on 24-26 November 2015 in the Congress park of one of the most prestigious venues of Moscow, the legendary Ukraine Hotel (Radisson Royal Hotel).

Russia is worlds leader in terms of energy resources, outrunning the closest competitors. At the same time Russia plays secondary role in the international energy security ratings. This fact breaks the principles of equal access to energy resources for all countries and thus is a threat to the sustainable development of global economy.

It is necessary to properly assess crude hydrocarbons resources and to suggest new principles of work for raw materials and exploration companies under conditions of sanctions. The event is focused on raw materials markets, introduces alternative suppliers of machines and equipment, presents effective IT solutions, and shows the ways of R&D work arrangement.

The event program includes:

The extensive program of the event has been created for worlds leaders of petroleum industry and embraces all essential issues.

Among the participants there are top managers of petroleum and coal companies, trading companies, State authorities, industrial associations, analysts, and the best professionals of the industry such as geologists, drillers, engineers, and technologists from Russia and overseas. Among the exhibitors there are suppliers of machines, equipment, and technologies for deposits exploration and development, oil, gas, and coal processing and shipping.

The event will conclude with a reception and the award ceremony.

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